Carving Hope Out of DepressionSelf-Help, Spiritual Growth



These feelings are often unspoken, yet scream in the hearts and minds of millions.

Carving Hope Out of Depression is a personal account of how depression can push an individual toward suicide. Not for pity or to offer excuses, author David Harder shares his raw, real-life experiences to bring hope to other broken hearts and minds. The act of suicide produces a terrible and mysterious abyss in the lives of families, friends, associates, and even casual acquaintances. No one can make sense of the loss. For the rest of their lives, they carry in their hearts the black hole that suicide leaves behind.

Thinking suicide was his only answer, David sought reasons to end his pain and justify his death. Misguided, he had equated death with no more pain but found nothing could be further from the truth.

This book is for you if you have experienced or struggled with any or all the following:

  • You've turned to drugs, alcohol, or prescription meds to cope with life
  • You can't understand how a "just" God allows such pain in the world
  • You're in prison, hate your circumstances, and want to be free
  • You grew up in a religious setting, yet your life is miserable
  • You want to know why some turn to God in uncertain times
  • You think you're tough and can handle any situation
  • You smile on the outside but are hurting inside
  • Your life seems empty and meaningless
  • You're considering suicide

Yes, this book is for everyone—we have all experienced times of doubt and depression. HOWEVER. . . there is hope, and within these pages, you'll discover that no thoughts or actions can separate you from the most powerful love in the universe.

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