"Despite the subject matter of the book - a man (James) who learns he has a short period of time to live and goes about making preparations for after his death - this was an engaging story. The author drew me in completely; I couldn't wait to see how things would unfold - how many of the characters' lives might be transformed because of this man everyone knew on the surface, yet soon learned they didn't know as well as they had thought.
Final Grains of Sand also drives home the importance of living life to the fullest while we have the opportunity, as well as other life lessons. The story is told in a unique way and I would recommend people, in general, to read it. However, it drives home a few points to Christians in terms of how people may see them and interpret their actions; it felt similar to walking into a place with a fresh set of eyes and noticing a few things which had gone unnoticed until that point."
N. Budden

"Final Grains of Sand is a masterpiece! It reveals how we live life without seeing! Written, in what begins as a story of one man's life, quickly moves to the many lives this one man impacts! As well, how they see him so differently through their eyes! This book holds you captive both mentally and emotionally! You desire to see what is revealed next! As well, it conquers the desire not to cry! I cried many times! I found myself thinking deeply of those I love and work with everyday! Do I really see them? Do I really care? Knowing the author personally, I found myself seeing his depth of insight and the God-built life he lives! The epilogue of Final Grains of Sand is an amazing revelation of what we all should look foward too! Again, a masterpiece! A phenomenal read."
Dezi D.

"This was an amazing book. Makes you think about your own life and how what you do impacts others. The final chapter is the best!"
Emily W.

"A fantastic and engaging novel. Touching and inspiring, this author brings readers through a journey—a journey of a life lived through the man James Kreider, his sufferings and offers a heavenly perspective. All will be able to identify with Kreider in some fashion or another. This book causes one to reflect on the value of life and teaches others to enjoy the present, love others and God above all else, keeping with the theme of choosing love. Each page keeps readers focused, and the Epilogue gives a glimpse of what it might be like to pass from death into eternity, which is intriguing to say the least. This book comes as a highly recommended read for those that enjoy a blend of Christian fiction with a look at relationships, life on Earth, the realities of our choices on Earth and the impact that we can have on individual lives, one-by-one. An absolutely wonderful, entertaining and deeply touching novel that captures the ingredients of life!"
CBM Book Reviews

"Very thought provoking book about how our everyday lives affects others and how they perceive us. We are many things to different people depending on our relationship with them. This book is about five people who review a man's life, each from a different perspective and how his life through the grace of God affected each one of them. Very good read!"
Pastor Jim

"As the plot unfolds and the characters are introduced I couldn't help but to think of a classic by Author Reginald Rose, 12 Angry Men. Final Grains of Sand, like 12 Angry Men, takes a group of strangers in a setting that forces each to not only look at the life of one individual, but also at their own lives. In their sharing of how and what they knew of James Kreider, each person realizes just how little they knew individually of him. And as they discover what they did not know, they are faced with their own introspection of attitudes, beliefs, and focus of their own lives. The book is a page-turner that keeps the reader wanting to know what the next character is going to share and how the sequestered group will respond. At the heart of this book, the reader is given an opportunity to pause and reflect on the way we see others, as well as, portray ourselves to those around us. Two quotes stand out to me from this book; "We really don't know a person completely." And "What are we doing with our lives?" Final Grains of Sand was a great read and I look forward to reading more by this author."
Kim M.

"What interests me about David Harder's book, "Final Grains of Sand"? Everything!!"
Janet E.

"Captivating and fascinating novel which affects many individuals."

"Just wanted you to know that I'm really enjoying reading your book. This has been such an easy read AND it's a subject that interests me. The book stays by my bedside and virtually every night I read it with a flashlight laying on my shoulder to help me relax and drift off. Sometimes I awaken, with glasses still on my face, and I pick up where I left off. Ha! Then I dog ear the page and go back to sleep. You are a very good writer. Hope you're working on another book. I realize that this is a novel but you make it feel so real. How many families does this really happen to? A lot. My best Friend in high school did her death exactly like this except not five friends. Thank you for putting this story into print."
Rosemary A.

"I've been reading your book—and it's super stellar! I love the way you write!"
Cori L.

"I loved it! The plot was a truly new twist to a novel. The way you developed the characters was excellent. It was a page-turner. I loved the way you intertwined the message of Jesus into it."
Ruthie G.

"I enjoyed the book immensely. What a story! I am a retired English Teacher/ Librarian and I couldn't help but pay attention to sentence structure, etc. I'm told it's difficult to write dialog and make it believable, but I think you succeeded. I totally got lost in the story and couldn't wait to know what would happen next. I also sympathized with the characters and cared what happened to them; a sign of a good writer. I will admit I was a little bothered by the fact that you made the least sympathetic character the minister. In my opinion he was a self-righteous bore and he never really changed. He was never really changed by what the others revealed about Jim. Another sign of a good book for me is that I can't let the story go even after I've finished reading it. Many times since I've reflected on who the five people would be that I would choose to speak about me after I'm gone."
Wanda B.

"I enjoyed this book. Very interesting."
Penny W.

"Thank you so much for the gift of a personalized copy of your novel, Final grains of sand. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The characters were well developed and real. The plot was, to me, very original. The pace was a page-turner, one just kept reading because you were interested in where the story was going. As a retired librarian with quite a bit of experience with authors, I feel you are off to a good start and I look forward to your next novel. Continue developing your skills, there was much to admire in this book."
Joy S.

"A wonderful book that I am excited to give as Christmas gifts."
Karleen S.

"I was able to feel the emotion you relayed in the story. Cried a few tears. I cried a lot of tears! Thank you."
Mona L.

"This is one of those books that will definitely stick with the reader. While reading, there were instances where I did not like the technique of writing used, but the story trumped technique. And that is the most important thing: can the author tell a great story. And for me, David Harder does just that. He told a wonderful story with a great message. The characters were fully developed and complex. The situation brought out many truths about them and some surprising facts. We all end up judging others based on what we know: but do we really know a person? Do we really know a person's life? We only glimpse that which is shown to us. And Final Grains of Sand takes the reader along a journey in learning more about James and who he was: friend, son, brother, father, and husband. Each person brought a new perspective to the story. Emotionally written and beautifully tailored, Final Grains of Sand is a great book to read."
Daphne S.

"Do we truly know people? A thought provoking book about 5 people who are gathered together to reflect on one man's life after he dies. No one person's view seems to be complete, but together will they and the reader get a complete picture."

"Thank you David Harder, a great read!!! You're so talented."
Peggy G.

"Just finished the book about 3 a.m. this morning. Great ending. Glad you did the epilogue. All in all I loved the book, it seemed so real. Great job."

"The main character asks 5 people to speak at his funeral and they don't know each other! AND, the funeral alters other peoples' lives! Wow!"
MS Barb

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book! I was touched in many ways throughout the story. I laughed, I cried and I shook my head in thoughtful agreement about the many lessons received. Well done, faithful follower of our Savior!"
Alice K.

"I am just a reader, not a critic but we do appreciate your giving this book to us for our enjoyment.  I really did like your book and found that you developed your characters very well. The plot was very interesting and I could not put it down but wanted to know what happened to everyone. I have never heard or read about any one going over testimonies for a funeral for so long and that was new for me, but I guess so. I am waiting on your next book and will read it also."
Vera T.

"The story had a powerful message about the people we touch through our actions and words. The character development of the five individuals and their experiences and relationships with James Kreider was intriguing and made me anxious to continue reading to find out about James and how he impacted each in very different ways. The book certainly got the reader to really think about the choices we make and the moments missed to connect with others."
Susan D.

"Final Grains of Sand presents the truth that death, though inevitable, is not final. The premise is that we live with others, not for others. Therefore, we each leave an imprint, never knowing what act or action makes a difference-positive or not-on those whose life we walk through. The story certainly presents deep considerations related to who will speak for us at our passing. Great thought provoking book."
Joyce P.

"Finished reading "Final Grains of Sand" earlier this month. I have always enjoyed reading. However, I've always had difficulty putting a book down when into a great story. I did thoroughly enjoy the story. It was well thought out and put together. It certainly contains a message that we all need to heed, regarding how we effect those we encounter in our life time. Having been raised in a strict religious environment, I smiled at your depiction of the Baptist minister's myopic attitude. I am surprised and pleased! Touched and enlightened."
Norma W.

"From an early age I have always hated reading and math. When I got my hands on Final Grains of Sand, I couldn't put it down. OMG! it is so good. The last time I sat and read for long periods of time was with the Left Behind series. The characters were so excellently developed, loving some and angry with others. At the end, your story line hit all my emotions, I loved it. Great job Great thought provoking book."
Glenda Ann F.

"Your book is really touching a lot of people. One of the many I shared it with said she cried a lot while reading it. She then went out and bought copies for all of her family."
Pastor David Hinman

"I had a hard time rating this one. There were somethings I felt could have been done better: the story drags in places as each of the five speakers shares their perspective on the man they knew and this is an extremely talkie (very little action) book. But you know what? Sometimes that’s okay.
What I absolutely loved about this book was the message it carries forward. No matter how well we think we know someone, no matter how many years we’ve been friends/family/coworkers, there are facets of those lives we just don’t know about. And this man left an impression on most people he had a relationship with.
Final Grains of Sand made me think about my own life and the impressions I’m leaving for others. Is it a life well lived or am I just wasting time? And, the epilogue? Completely worth the journey!
Reasons I enjoyed this book: Informative, Inspirational, Original, & Realistic. 3.5 out of 5 Stars.
Disclosure statement: I receive complimentary books from publishers, publicists, and/or authors, including NetGalley. I am not required to write positive reviews. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255."
Suzie W. / nashpredsfan27 from BookBub

"Jim W. Kreider is a complex man with many lessons to teach, even after he's gone. He feels very healthy and is at the top of his game,until he learns some terrifying news. Now its as if he is being chased by a shadow. His friends are about to get some harrowing news, news that they are not prepared for. 5 people are asked to speak at Jims funeral and NONE of them are prepared for the wild ride they are in for, sitting in the same room with each other.
There are judgements that people in general too often make of people they don't know and as the 5 people in this book get to know each other, things are revealed that makes you realize, you really really don't know other peoples struggles. How could you?
I also really loved his daughter Staci... I loved the beauty in her remembering her father and the memories she and her father shared along with her siblings.
This book had a beautiful ending and a very sweet surprise at the end.
A great Christian book! Recommended!"
Joe V.

"The story starts off with James finding out he has cancer and not a lot of time to live. In preparation, he quits his job, sells off his possessions, pays his debts, and creates a will before checking into hospice. Upon his death, Tony (James' lawyer) contacts the five people James wants to give a eulogy at his funeral. The small group get to know each other and the life of James through shared experiences. With a variety of backgrounds and personal experiences with the deceased, each character grieved and reminisced in their own ways. Also, showing the varying ways one person can impact others around them was great.
I did not like that there was SO MUCH BICKERING amongst adults! I get not agreeing with someone, but professionals don't have the common [courtesy] to listen to others in a group, really? It was very frustrating.
The passing of time was so slow paced.
This book was provided to me at no cost. Whether positive or negative, my review is my own and may differ from others opinions.

"Truly inspiring and captivating story. The novel is interesting and well-written, the characters are intriguing.
James, his wife (even though she passed) and his children used to look like an ordinary family but it is really interesting what's hiding behind that mask... but I prefer to write spoilers so I'm going to stop.
The novel makes you ask yourself questions about your life and about the people around you...
Anyways, point is that I highly recommend this book and in my opinion it is a must read!"
Ivo D.

"Very inspiring story very wonderful this is a great book to read and the flow is incredible."
Stevie K.

"David Harder has taken an interesting premise and developed a well thought out story in Final Grains of Sand. James (Jim) learns he is dying, chooses not to notify anyone, makes all the final arrangements for his life, and days before his death tells his lawyer who is to speak at his funeral. The majority of the story is the five speakers sharing their version of Jim’s life in preparation for the funeral.
Readers will be challenged to love those around them before it is too late and be more understanding and compassionate toward those whose belief system is different from their own. Readers will see growth in the lawyer, the five speakers, and Jim’s children who do not appear until later in the story.
Potential areas of concern: There is a lot of drinking (but no drunkenness) in the book so if alcohol is an issue you may want to avoid this title. There is also a lover relationship between Arlene and Jim - justified as a commitment before God but they were never married. In my opinion, this book is not appropriate for a teen audience and some adult audiences will probably hesitate to read it due to these concerns. If you can get past these concerns it is a good book."
Jane M.

"Final Grains of Sand by David Harder is a refreshingly different, thought provoking story. It captures the emotions from the very first and never lets go. Its message is powerful, one that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.
The main character is only seen in the beginning pages, yet everything revolves around him. At the age of 60, upon discovering that he has a rare and rapidly-growing form of cancer, James Kreider proceeds to get his affairs in order without telling family, friends, or coworkers of his diagnosis. Part of this process includes the hand selection of five people to speak at his funeral, and that’s where things really get interesting.
From his children, to the lawyer, to these five people, all are realistically flawed. This is a relationship-driven story where we not only learn about James as layer after layer is peeled back, but we also see the impact of this man’s life on those around him. I doubt we ever know anyone fully, and I loved learning of Jim through each of these relationships – with minister, boss, neighbor, doctor, and lover. Themes of judgmentalism and legalism are contrasted with forgiveness and grace. These five friends are all over the place spiritually, and much spiritual growth is seen. Final Grains of Sand is an interesting story that offers many opportunities for personal reflection.
I received a copy of this book through JustRead Tours. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own."
Carole J. / cjarvis1 from BookBub