Second HarvestHistorical Western Fiction

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Second Harvest is an adventure story about the resilient men and daring women of the hardscrabble frontier of the American Southwest. The story follows one family's struggle to settle and survive in the untamed territory of Arizona.

Third-generation homesteader Roy Folsom lives in isolation. After his grandparents moved to the Arizona territory, nothing but misfortune has befallen the Folsom family. Roy has chosen seclusion to avoid the curse assaulting the women in his family, which ended in their early demise. Roy is convinced he is too old to find love until he meets Sara Johansson, a young widow raising two boys, and struggling to overcome her own dark secrets and sustain her farm. Despite a twenty-year age difference, Sara and Roy develop a friendship that, in season, blossoms into a full romance.

This story spans the years 1848 to 1929. Set in the harsh, sun-scorched, sand-stormed beauty of Arizona's jagged mountains, it delves into the loss of family and the search for love, and new beginnings. A genuine portrayal of people and events, Second Harvest, reflects the cruel reality of homestead living, Indian raids, old-west justice, murder, and the rough and tumble of that era. It combines the tradition of a historical western saga with a tale of survival, loss, sacrifice, lawlessness, love, and virtue.