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"Final Grains of Sand" will be published and released July 1st 2018, through Ambassador International. ~ With a life comes the inevitable decree of death and it occurs any moment from conception to old age. Regardless the time, death is never easy, leaving an empty void filled with vanishing memories for those remaining behind. Upon your death, what would family or friends say about you? Would they share words of truth at your funeral service or something polite out of respect?

When Jim Kreider receives the devastating news his life is being cut short with cancer, he is immediately filled with shock and disbelief. At 60 years, Jim is too young to die and thought he had a whole life ahead of him. When the reality of his impending demise sinks in, Jim methodically prepares for his final days, including trying to heal old wounds. With unfinished business and a dash of life’s regrets, Jim’s hours are spent pondering the legacy he’ll leave for his friends and children.

In preparing for the end, Jim elects five individuals to represent his life at the funeral service. This group includes Jim’s boss, his personal physician, a neighbor, the pastor of his church, and a woman whom Jim was involved with in a long-term affair. None of the individuals know each other or the details that each will reveal about the Jim Kreider they thought they knew. The representatives are summoned to the office of Jim’s attorney where they disclose pent up emotions and share discoveries few individuals want to learn. Reluctantly, the people selected eventually agree to uncover the truth about Jim and divulge every facet of their friend’s life.

Jim’s story not only transforms the chosen five representatives but alters the lives of the funeral guests. Despite Jim’s complicated life and painful death, he provides new meaning for life to those attending his service. The elected individuals, who speak at the service, realize the value of one’s life is less about the length of time and more about how we touched others through our actions and words.


Words and feelings unspoken—yet screaming in the hearts and minds of millions!


Carving Hope Out of Depression—Victory Over Darkness and a Path to Self-Love is a personal account of how depression can push an individual toward suicide. Author David Harder’s raw, real-life experiences are shared not for pity or to offer excuses, but to bring hope and life within every broken heart and mind.

Thinking that suicide was the only answer, he searched for explanations that would justify his death and end the pain. Misguided, he confused death with no more pain, but nothing could be further from the truth. Suicide leaves a tragic and mysterious abyss in the lives of families, friends, associates, and even casual acquaintances. No one can make sense of the loss—for the rest of their lives; they carry in their hearts the black hole suicide leaves behind.

This book is for everyone—as all have experienced times of doubt and depression. BUT…there is hope, and within these pages you’ll discover there are no thoughts or actions that can ever separate you from the most powerful love in the universe!

Second Harvest is a meticulously composed adventure of resilient men and daring women set in the hardscrabble frontier of the American Southwest. A 19th-century tale of survival, loss, sacrifice, lawless men, love, and virtue; Second Harvest is an incredible story of one family’s struggle to settle and endure in the untamed territory of Arizona.

The third generation of homestead settlers, Roy Folsom, lives in isolation, convinced his life will remain in pragmatic solitude. He chooses seclusion to avoid the plague assaulting the women in his family. Ever since his grandparents moved to the Arizona territory, nothing but misfortune has befallen the Folsom’s and their stark existence. Roy remains convinced he is too old for finding love until he meets Sara Johansson, and it forever changes his life. Sara is a young widow raising two boys and overcoming her personal dark secrets, yet she alone manages to sustain her farm. Despite a twenty year age difference, they develop a quick friendship that in due season blossoms into a full romance.

Spanning the years 1848 to 1929, Second Harvest is about the western expansion of America. It delves into lost family, the search for love, and new beginnings in the harsh Arizona, sun-scorched, sand-stormed beauty of jagged mountains. Packed with a genuine portrayal of the people and events, Indian raids, old-west justice, murder, and the rough and tumble of the Southwest, Second Harvest reflects the callous reality of homestead living. It is a classic that bonds the tradition of a great Western saga with historical settings and accurately portrayed characters.

Toward the sunset of Second Harvest, Roy and Sara enter a new phase of life; a second harvest where their first had failed. Their relationship is a unique opportunity for them to reap a fertile future that may endure the rest of their lives. Second Harvest is a historical saga that celebrates the people and the land of the great Southwest.

This two volume set of historical fiction, deals with Sheldon Pride, the fourth generation of east European immigrants who come to America in 1890. Members of the Pride family are hardworking and determined individuals seeking new opportunities in the land of new-found freedoms. From an early age, Sheldon develops an interest in medical science because his aunt, whom he loves dearly, is the victim of a rare and unknown disease. When Sheldon begins his research, the clues to this life-threatening disease elude investigation. As DNA studies shed new light on human genes, Sheldon discovers the disease is really an anomaly in his family’s genetic code, and one affecting more individuals than Sheldon originally thought.

Years of meticulous research yields nothing until Sheldon’s sister begins her own battle with the same disease. In a race against the clock, Sheldon feverishly exhausts his mental and physical limits hoping to discover a cure. His research takes Sheldon back to the country of his family’s origins where he quickly learns that the scope of this disease is much broader. When he finally cracks the genetic code and solves the mystery, government red-tape prevents the miracle drug from going to market. With Sheldon’s sister dying in a hospital, he must decide between ethical and legal choices and possibly risk his entire career to save his sister.

This is a dark-comedy fiction about a man whose troubles rapidly deteriorate with no end in sight. In a short span, the life and times of Dean Folsom shift to dark and violent thoughts, mixed with shades of ribald humor. Dean is a thrid-generation Arizonian native whose life does not reflect the honor his grandfather earned years earlier. It is a story about a man torn between right and wrong and surviving the consequences of his decisions.

Blindsided, Dean never imagines his ex will attempt to take everything, including his life. When years of savings are erased by thoughtless decisions of the court, Dean wants revenge, including planning the murder of his ex. Like a dry branch, which snaps under pressure, how far is Dean able to bend? Life and justice are often not fair, and Dean's lessons of this fact come with a price.

In an effort to escape his past, Dean Folsom moves to Tucson in search of solitude. There he meets and befriends a hermit named Red. When the two stumble upon a plot to murder the President, it is just the beginning of unimaginable problems. When Dean contacts the FBI concerning the plot, his past troubles cause the investigators to place Dean at the top of their suspect list. The conspirators planning the death of the President uncover Dean’s efforts to disclose his findings with the FBI. Soon Dean is between two parties bent on his destruction. Despite being the grandson of a famous U.S. Marshal, Dean can't seem to get a break from the law. His situation is a familiar theme and only survival instincts can save Dean from annihilation or prison.